About Us

Bekare Telehealth is a telepsychiatry company delivering universal access, on-demand, cost-effective, and quality mental wellbeing services to the KSA. We're on a mission to deliver quality mental well-being services accessible and affordable to everyone in KSA. Mental healthcare equity – the ability to deliver mental health services to anyone at anytime, is a cornerstone of our value proposition.

Our diverse network of psychiatrists, psychologists and clinical therapists provide the treatment and emotional support you need, from the privacy and ease of home. From talk therapy to medication management, our team is here to support your full mental wellbeing.


BeKare provides accessible, high-quality mental well-being services in KSA and beyond. We prioritize cost-effectiveness and aim to eliminate barriers to care, so everyone can have the support they deserve.


Our vision is to establish BeKare as the premier provider of mental telehealth solutions in KSA and beyond, trusted and preferred by individuals, professionals, and organizations.