How to Choose Your Provider?


Psychiatrists are licensed medical doctors who have completed psychiatric training. They can diagnose mental health conditions, prescribe, and monitor medications and provide therapy.


Psychologists hold a certifcate degree in clinical psychology. They are trained to evaluate a person’s mental health using clinical interviews, psychological evaluations, and testing.

Counselors and Therapists

These masters-level health care professionals are trained to evaluate a person’s mental health and use therapeutic techniques based on specific training programs

Choose your type of teleconsultation

  • Psychologists and therapists use therapy to help you talk through your problems.
  • Psychiatrists, who are physicians, use medication to treat your symptoms.
  • Sometimes a combination of therapy and medication works best. In that case, patients see a psychiatrist for medication management and a therapist for talk therapy. If you are not sure, start with a therapist who can help you figure out what treatment may be best for you.